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Designing Carbon Studies

This year there has been considerable interest in long term agronomic system research. We have had inquiries on how to develop field research that would impact carbon sequestration. A few things to think about when considering carbon sequestration/long term agronomic research:

  • Have clear goals and objectives

  • Are the goals realistic in today’s agronomic systems?

  • How will changes in the agronomic system be measured?

  • Are you willing to commit to several years of field research at the same site?

  • How long will it be necessary to conduct the trial to possibly have a response?

  • How will crop inputs be used to manage the crop?

  • If cover crops are to be used, what are the best types for the system you will using?

  • What is the best plot size for doing this research?

  • What tillage system should be used?

  • How will crop residues be managed?

  • What sensors or other measurement devices could be used?

  • What crop management tools can be used to enhance performance?

  • What environmental management can be used?

  • Others?

We would be glad to talk to you about long-term agronomic research.

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