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Virtual Plot Tours

We often have clients come out to look at their studies throughout the growing season. However, we understand that with Covid-19 it may not be possible for everyone to arrange for plot tours this year. As an alternative, ABG Ag Services wants to offer clients the option of a virtual plot tour to their study. A virtual plot tour (VPT) is a customized way of allowing our clients to monitor their studies at critical points throughout the growing season without the need to travel. Your VPT might include a video at the same timing of a data collection, videos or photos from our drones, pictures of each plot, or maybe an orthomosaic from above the study. In addition to providing the images or video, we would be happy to set up a time to conference call or video chat to answer any questions you might have about your study’s progress and the contents of the VPT. If you think that a virtual plot tour may be helpful to you and your company this growing season, please reach out to your ABG Ag Service’s contact and talk to them about creating and pricing a customized VPT for your study.


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