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Contract Research

ABG AG Services conducts a full range of contract agronomic research services on Midwestern crops in Indiana and South Dakota.  This allows us to test your product in distinctively different environments of the U.S. corn belt.   We regularly conduct product efficacy, GLP, APHIS regulated and product/concept demonstration trials.  At our sites, we have the capability to test products on several thousand acres of farmland in many different soils, fertility regimes, and with a wide range of weed, disease and insect pests.   We are customer focused and will help you design and collect the type of crop evaluation data you need to answer the questions about your product.  If you have questions about trials or capabilities, please contact Fritz Koppatschek at

Agronomic Technology Applications

Our staff has experience in providing precision agriculture, remote sensing, drones, field mapping and image processing.   We can help design and implement solutions using these technologies in non-traditional ag research formats.   We have helped customers with large scale, multiyear trials that use precision technology to collect data.    We can also help customers evaluate equipment and sensors and their impacts on the agronomics of a crop.

Agronomic Field Investigation

Our staff has considerable experience with collecting data for insurance companies and legal needs. We can design a protocol that will ensure sound agronomic data collection. Our staff includes several Certified Crop Advisers (CCA) who have a wide range of crop diagnostic and expert witness testimony experience.

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We offer many types of agronomic field and classroom training that can be tailored to help improve understanding of a wide range of agronomic topics. Most of the training we provide is custom developed to improve specific performance issues of participants.   Agronomic training can be designed to meet the requirement of Certified Crop Advisor CEU standards. One of our most popular training programs has been our Ag Basics program. Ag Basics is designed to help people understand U.S. agriculture and grower decision making. 

Special Projects

If you have a project that requires unique data collection, or special agronomic information our staff is ready to help you. We can travel throughout the U.S. to collect data, evaluate agronomics of crops or environments and give you information in a useable format. Our experienced agronomic team can help you successfully complete the project.

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