Contract Research

ABG Ag Services conducts a full range of contract research services on Midwestern crops and with locations in central Indiana and eastern South Dakota, we can test your product in distinctively different environments of the corn belt.

We have experience in conducting efficacy, GLP, APHIS and demonstration research plots. With two permanent research sites with distinctively different soil types and access to several thousand acres of farmland, we can meet many of your weed, insect, disease and crop evaluation data collection needs. For more information on contract research services contact 


Agronomic Technology Applications

Do you need help making your Precision Ag or Remote Sensing program work? We offer a complete line of technology services specializing in precision agriculture and remote sensing ranging from field mapping to image processing. We have experience in combining these technologies to create a management system that will work for research or commercial production systems. We can help you design a program that relies on multiple data collection platforms ranging from RTK GPS to satellite based image collection.

Agronomic Field Investigation

Our staff has considerable experience with collecting data for insurance companies and legal needs. We can design a protocol that will ensure sound agronomic data collection. Our staff includes several Certified Crop Advisers (CCA) who have a wide range of crop diagnostic and expert witness testimony experience.

Product Development and Product Servicing

Do you need to figure out the market potential of your product, or need to solve a problem with your product? ABG Ag Services can help with product development or provide on the ground product servicing for a product that did not perform as expected.   

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We offer many types of agronomic field and classroom training. We have been offering Certified Crop Adviser training for over 15 years. Most of the training we provide is custom developed to improve specific performance issues of Ag sales and retail personnel. A broad range of training delivery options is available. Check out the following link for information about our popular Ag Basics program.

Special Projects

Do you have a need for special agronomic information, data request or special project? We have experience working with growers, retailers, and other agronomic professionals to get the information you need to get that special project completed. Our wide agronomic experience and customer focused team can help you with that unique project.