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Ag Basics

an introduction to US production agriculture
Aerial View of Farm

Ag Basics is an interactive training program that is designed to help people better understand US production agriculture.  In today’s world, there is a high demand for people to work in agriculture but many did not grow up in, or have formal education in agriculture. Ag Basics is designed to give participants a broad overview of US production Ag and to better understand farmers.  We do this by using an interactive farm simulation which allows participants to operate a farm and produce a corn and soybean crop.  The primary focus of the course is Midwestern corn and soybean production, but other crops (wheat, cotton, rice, canola, and horticultural crops) can also discussed.  

The program can vary in length from 1 -3 days and topics that are covered include:


What issues and policies are driving agriculture?


What are the demographics and psychographics of farmers?


How do ag products get distributed  and how does the ag retail system work?


What are the basic agronomic factors in growing corn and soybeans (soils, land values, ag equipment, seed and breeding, pest control)?


How do farmers make input decisions?


How do farmers make money/lose money?

What are the basics of precision ag?


The course is generally taught over two days and depending on location can include a farm visit of a “typical” farming operation.  The facilitators have taught this course over twenty years to a wide range of audiences in the US and throughout the world.  Class size is generally 20-30 people.  The course can be customized to address a company’s products and markets.  Many of our customers use the class to help new hires and employees who need to better understand their farmer customers.  Participants often comment that the course helps them understand the complexity of farming and how many decisions farmers need to make. For more information email

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